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Tantric Retreat & Sacred Sexuality Intensive

Join International Tantric Practitioner Dr. Nathalie Henrich & Kyle Lam as we guide and teach various tantric practices as part of a one day retreat in Orange County

What if you were able to utilize your sexual energy towards a manifestation purpose? To channel and direct rather than becoming lost in basic pleasure.

What if you could resolve sexual trauma in a safe, protected container? Would you be willing to heal from it?

Perhaps you’re looking to develop a deeper level of intimacy, one that brings new passion and fire in the intertwining of your physical and spiritual energies.

Or perhaps you’re curious about what a full body orgasm feels like.

Maybe it’s even time for the relationship with your partner to elevate to a higher dimension, connecting deeper with each other that calls upon the unity of the divine masculine and divine feminine.

We are proud to able to bring back our Level 1 Tantric Intensive Retreat where for one day, we’ll dive deep into the world of tantra and sacred sexuality to re-inspire new energies inside of us relating to the intimate lives of ourselves and with those around us. Held at a private residence in Anaheim in Orange County, we are honored to collaborate with Dr. Nathalie Henrich, an international tantrica practitioner from Germany, to facilitate this healing journey for you all. We are limiting this retreat to 20 individuals, with both couples and singles invited to attend. Whether you’re looking to birth new confidence in yourself, clear our sexual trauma, resolve depression and anxiety, achieve sexual liberation, invigorate new sexual energy, or build stronger intimacy, then this retreat is for you!

Date is Saturday, August 14th from 10 am – 7 pm. Lunch will be provided.

Dr. Nathalie Henrich is an international tantrica practitioner, whose work in sexual and sensual healing has helped hundreds of women and men work through different forms of sexual traumas and blockages. Her sessions encompass a variety of modalities that help induce spiritual healing, womb healing, sexual liberation as well as achieving full body orgasms among many others. As a Priestess initiate, she works privately with both individuals and couples to re-ignite sexual intimacy, re-invigorate sexual confidence, and re-store the alignment of body and spirit. With over a decade’s worth of tantric experience, Dr. Nathalie Henrich is known for the powerful transformations she has helped served for women and men of all backgrounds who have desired sexual liberation and alignment

Retreat Topics Include:

- Concept of Divine Masculina and Divine Feminine

- Alignment with your energetic and sensual body

- Transform your orgasmic energy into manifestation

- Full body orgasms

- Full presence in sexuality

- How to open up an intimate sacred space

- Sensual body connections

The retreat will include a series of meditations, initiations, pleasure principles, ritual baths, personal guidance into full body orgasms, and a sound bath by Kyle Lam to seal and integrate the practice. You’ll have the chance to learn tantric practices that can be done both individually as well as with a partner. All ages, genders and sexual orientations are invited. Couples are invited to join, and singles will be paired with a partner for the retreat.

Cost is $1100 for couples and $600 for singles

Payment plans are available with a $550 non-refundable deposit for couples and $300 for singles with remainder of payment due on the day of the event.

Coming from out of town? We have three overnight accomondations for both August 13th and August 14th available if you wish to stay in one of three bedrooms on property.

Cost is $200 for each night and includes a queen size bed with all amenities of the home including kitchen, laundry, and more. Food is not included in your stay except for the lunch provided on August 14th as part of the retreat.

If you have any questions regarding the retreat or payment options, please feel free to call/text Kyle at 760-222-5143