Tantra Retreat Level 1 & 2 (Los Angeles)

The Autumn Edition of our Level 1 & 2 Tantra Retreat with Dr. Nathalie Henrich returns to Los Angeles in Southern California on Saturday, September 17th and Sunday, September 18th.  The principles of self love and healing the heart are the core foundation of Nathalie’s style of tantric practice.  Our retreats are crafted to connect you deeper with your sexual energy in a heart-centered manner, while bestowing the knowledge and practices of tantra that you can perform on your own or with your partner.  Both couples and singles from all genders, sexual orientations, backgrounds, and cultures are invited to join.


Regardless of your knowledge or experience with tantra, Nathalie’s Level 1 experience has the potential for you to develop an intimate relationship with your sexual energy, to learn how your masculine and feminine energy flows with one another, how to harmonize and strengthen your masculine and feminine energies together, and establish an understanding of the basic tantra principles and practices you can utilize in your daily life.


Level 2 is when we take a deeper dive into the advanced practices of tantra.  Engaging with the inner depths of our sexual energy correlates with the deepening of love we can give ourselves and the healing we can receive.  The practices taught in Level 2 will also strengthen the dynamic between masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and how they interact with others around us.  You’ll learn how to activate your kundalini and begin to explore how to receive and give full body orgasm feels like without physical touch, strengthening your connection to the orgasmic energy within yourself and your current or potential partner.


Our Level 1 retreat will be on Saturday, September 17th and Level 2 will be on Sunday, September 18th.  Completion of Level 1 is required for Level 2 and those who have completed our Level 1 retreat will be allowed to participate.  Former Level 1 attendees are invited to Level 2 and also to re-experience Level 1 again if they need a refresher.  


Completion of both Level 1 and Level 2 will be required to apply for our 2023 Tantra Teacher Training Certification Course.


Nathalie Henrich returns to be the principal instructor for these retreats, bringing forth over a decades worth's of experience ranging from tantra, sacred sexuality, womb healing, and sexual liberation. Her teachings have helped hundreds transform the Kundalini energy that lies inside into a tool that channels invigorating new energy, while clearing away emotional and sexual traumas and wounds. Kyle Lam returns to be the Divine Masculine support, sharing his knowledge and experience with sacred masculinity while creating a safe and loving container that keeps you grounded as you work through the discomforts of transformational inner work.


While this work and retreat revolves around sexual energy, it should be noted that our retreat does not include any sex related activities.  Nathalie’s tantra teachings reside from the heart and her intention is to activate and heal the heart.  The series of activities that our retreats include are meant to help you embrace the rawest form of yourself, achieving profound liberation while clearing out trauma and wounds that have prevented the self confidence you desired. 


Our retreats will include activities done both on your own and with a partner. Partner work is crucial in our retreats as the harmonization of masculine and feminine energies between you and your partner aids in creating the perfect equilibrium suited for your needs. Couples who attend with their current partner or husband/wife will be paired together throughout the entire retreat.


Each day will be limited to just 20 participants to ensure the integrity of the experience for each person.  Vegan food will be provided for lunch on both days.


Our retreat will be held at a private residence in Culver City in Los Angeles, CA and will be from 10:00-7:00 PM on both days.  Parking will be available for all our attendees to leave their vehicle throughout the retreat.


Attendees will need to ensure they have their own form of housing booked if traveling from out of town.  If you are arriving from out of town, there are various hotels and Airbnb’s nearby to accommodate your overnight stay


Cost for each day is $600 for singles and $1100 for couples. A non-refundable deposit can be made to secure your spot with the remaining balance due on the day of the retreat. Payment plans are also available, please message to inquire.


Registration is also available through Venmo, Paypal, or Zelle


Venmo: @kylelamsoundhealing

Zelle/Paypal: kylelamsoundhealing@gmail.com


Once completed, screenshot your payment to kylelamsoundhealing@gmail.com and include your full name + date of event to receive your confirmation email

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