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Public Sound Baths

To find our current calendar of events and to register for any of them, please scroll to the bottom of this page.


Our public sound baths are held throughout the month all across Orange County and are diversified into three experiences levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  These levels are meant as a guide for what type of experience you are looking for based on your needs, intentions, and history with our sound bath productions. .

The reference below explains what each experience level is like including the names of the events that these levels are associated with.  Regardless of your experience level, you are welcome to attend any events at any level.  Keep in mind, there are certain expectations for the higher levels in order to maximize the benefits associated with it. 


These guided sound bath meditation journeys are suited for those either new to sound baths or meditation, or experienced meditators who are looking for a relaxation and restoration experience with minimal intensity from the gongs.  Participants can expect a sound experience that focuses on receiving the physical and mental benefits including but not limited to: reduction of physical fatigue, alleviation of surface level mental tension including stress, worry, and anxiety, promotion of greater awareness and clarity, and developing a deeper connection to our hearts. 


These sound bath immersions are crafted for those with experience in sound baths and meditation.  Participants are encouraged to be fluid with their emotional expressions and can expect a deeper journey through the inner realms of their subconscious.  Beginners are welcomed to join, just note that the intensity levels are within the moderate range.  Participants in the past have experienced healing from their emotional wounds, greater reduction of physical and mental fatigue, and greater insights on who they need to be and what they need to do.


These sound bath immersions & collaboration events with our energy healers are curated for those have had experience with sound baths & energy healing.  Participants are expected to be comfortable with expressing their vulnerabilities to bring healing on all levels while working through the stronger intensities associated with the full benefits that these events offer.  Alongside this emotional healing comes a stronger spiritual connection that strengthens our divinity and mysticism.​  These events are often in conjunction with different healing modalities.

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