Testimonials & Experiences

Our events are not just sound baths, they are a safe place to experience all that your physical body and subconscious mind has to offer to you.  Each event is dedicated purely to serve you in your own individual journey and together as a conscious collective. Take a look at how fellow participants have experienced our events with their own words.  We guarantee an incredible experience that will surely leave you in a heightened state of bliss.


There’s something magical about Kyles sound bath. Not only you can feel the sounds healing you but also the love and beautiful energy he puts in the whole session. You will be taken to a place where there’s nothing else but surrendering to the vibrations that are around you. You will truly enjoy the present moment and end up with a feeling of extreme peacefulness and calmness. I’m beyond grateful to have found him and to be able to enjoy his sound healing sessions.

Mariana S.


Amazing sound healer. I've left every session I've done with Kyle feeling refreshed and reenergized. Great experience all around! He really knows how to make everyone feel comfortable and safe.

Angela C.


Kyle Lam has amazing, healing energy! He is a professional, and a true healer! Just being in his presence makes me feel uplifted and positive! I highly recommend any of his events, because what he does comes from his heart. If you want to make a good change in your life, and start to heal yourself on a cellular level I highly recommend going to his life changing events! ❤️

Meadow F.


When Kyle comes to the studio, it’s always a packed house. It must be his energy that even students who never met him before can feel and be drawn to him. I once had such a packed class for his sound meditation that there were students laying out yoga mats in the lobby. It was such an amazing and beautiful sight to see. Kyle definitely has a skill to bring people together.

Katy C.


I know Kyle from several Sound Bath Meditations I've attended where I've felt grounded and refreshed. I have taken my sister, my mom and have recommended him to other family members and friends as a result of what I've experienced. I've even driven for an hour just to attend a Sound Bath Meditation with him before going on a trip. That been said, I highly recommend Kyle.
I feel grateful that I connected with him as he has provided a safe space to deepen my own spiritual practice.

Clau S.


Had my first sound bath and the energy is amazing! First of 2020 and I am hooked. ❤️ beautiful instruments amazing medicine and all around incredibly healing atmosphere.  Thank you Kyle fellow Sagittarius this was much needed and absolutely beautiful

Jessica M.


Kyle is an amazing artist. Last night was my first time attending a sound meditation and am so happy that I did. I can not wait for the next session.

Lorraine B.


Kyle is an awesome sound healer. I’ve grown so much from his sessions. He connects with everyone on a personal level helping each individual with their own journey.

Isabel O.


Kyle has beautiful energy, very caring and genuine. Love his Sound baths! 🙌🏻🙏🏻

Tina S.


Truly gifted, being able to capture the sounds that are felt throughout the body & mind

Sandy X.


An amazing journey, highly recommended

Brandon R.


Yes definitely recommend recently attended one of his sound baths at Downey Yoga Studio and was very impressed. Walked out feeling cleansed and just overall well.

Mauricio R.